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March 3, 2023 11:15 pm  #1

private secure antidetect browser Ximera

A group of Russian hackers has published its application protected anonymous browser with Ximera anti-detection methods

Protected crypto browser with ximera anti-detection methods

Now you can feel like a real hacker, Russian cybersecurity experts have opened access to their application
for anonymous surfing on the global Internet!

Which allows you to hide your real device fingerprints and hides your location and internet provider.
All the data that you will use is protected by a crypto-stable token and can also be stored in a cloud service or locally.
A secure browser generates a new identifier in one click that shows 100% uniqueness, now more than one service will not be able to track you on the Internet

You will be able to bypass the protection of clones, gaming services, financial monitoring, partner networks and much more
With just one click, you generate a completely new identity for anonymity

There is also an affiliate affiliate program where you will be charged 20% of your referral
After registration, enter the promo code newximera2023 and a starting amount of 50 usdt will be credited to your balance if the promo code did not work, ask the support service and you will be given a welcome bonus

Read review articles on a secure browser with the ximera anti-detection method on the Internet, register using my link and get a bonus to your account!

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